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Get informed about the current affairs of the Sagrada Familia in this blog. Through our SagradaFamiliaTours.nl Blog you will stay informed about developments and insight information about the Sagrada Familia and its ongoing construction. We will also share with you the experiences of our guides during their daily tours in and around the Sagrada Familia.

Focus on the Mary tower in 2021

January 18, 2021. Published in: Uncategorized

Because of the pandemic the Sagrada Familia will be receiving less money in the years 2020 and the year 2021, as most of the money that comes in, is collected…

Online Tour Sagrada Familia – English

May 13, 2020. Published in: Uncategorized

book your free virtual tour Our virtual tour is a live tour guided by a licenced guide who knows how to deliver his passion about Gaudí´s masterpiece. Using the virtual…

Gift voucher for Sagrada Familia tour

April 4, 2020. Published in: Uncategorized

Are you looking for an original gift? Sagradafamiliatours.nl now also has gift vouchers. Surprise your loved ones and support your favourite guide in Barcelona during this horrible Covid19-crisis. Surprise somebody with…

March 17, 2020. Published in: Uncategorized

Stone is the main architectural element of the Sagrada Família, and it has been since construction began under the oversight of the Temple’s first architect, Francisco de Paula del Villar.…

New fruit on the Virgin Mary

February 13, 2020. Published in: Uncategorized

The tower of the Virgin Mary, over the Temple apse, currently stands 110.65 metres tall and will be 138 when complete. It has eighteen levels of tensioned-stone panels already in…

What will happen in 2020

February 1, 2020. Published in: Uncategorized

With the new year, activity has returned to the Sagrada Família in a big way. The past twelve months were intense, reaching several milestones, as we explained in a previous post.…

The pinnacles of the Evangelists: the symbolism of the tetramorph

October 18, 2019. Published in: Uncategorized

The pinnacles, which are the top section of the towers, are always the most eye-catching, given their host of colours and symbolic elements. And the pinnacles on the towers of…

Step by step

September 16, 2019. Published in: Uncategorized

The core comprised of the staircase and lift inside the lantern of Jesus Christ is an example of the work with tensioned stone that has been carried out at the…

Discovering the Sagrada Familia : the crossing room

May 31, 2019. Published in: Uncategorized

Discovering the Sagrada Família: The Crossing room Before plastic- and oil-based waterproofing products, such as bitumen and silicone sheets, the construction sector resolved these issues by giving roofs two key…

Metalworking, in Gaudí’s blood

May 31, 2019. Published in: Uncategorized

Metalworking, in Gaudí’s blood Gaudí is known for his contribution to the field of architecture, and this, in large part, is due to the fact that he incorporated his in-depth…


May 31, 2019. Published in: Uncategorized

2019, WHAT´S GOING TO HAPPEN We’ve just kicked off a new year and, as always, it is full of resolutions. At the Sagrada Família, however, we remain fixed on our…

Model makers, essential for testing and correction

May 31, 2019. Published in: Uncategorized

Model makers, essential for testing and correction The architecture proposed by Gaudí is the result of a continuous effort in the search for perfection, which depended on constant experimentation. His…

Trencadís mosaic, the hallmark of Gaudí

May 30, 2019. Published in: Uncategorized

Trencadís mosaic, the hallmark of Gaudí The most characteristic architects of the Catalan Modernisme movement. His work, highly personal and imaginative, drew inspiration from plants and animals found in nature…


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